Where are they now? Thian Carman

In collaboration with RBC Bank, Family Business Atlantic offers flourishing, young adults the opportunity to receive financial aid towards their post-secondary studies through the John Abbass Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund. We take pride in our contribution to the future leaders of our community and look forward to seeing where their education and family business takes them.

John Abbass Sr. Scholarship recipient: Thian Carman

Thian grew up in Barton, Nova Scotia and comes from an extremely driven family well-versed in the family business realm. In 2016, RBC and Family Business Atlantic were pleased to award him with the John Abbass Sr. Scholarship.

Having begun the animal science program at Dalhousie University, Thian was grateful to have received the financial help. “By receiving this award, it lessened the stress myself and my family carried during a time where we were managing three home-businesses and my studies,” says Thian.

His mother and father each run their own independent family businesses. “My mom runs her own music studio and my dad owns a construction company, and I work full-time on my own farm that I started five years ago.”

At the young age of 18, Thian is an honours student, an excellent public speaker, an active volunteer and a small business owner – he sets an incredible example of what youth today are capable of. Before beginning his studies, he worked all summer on his farm getting it ready for his parents to run while he was at school.

Thian is in the beginning years of his business and is making his education an equal priority to guarantee his business a long, profitable life. With that in mind, he’s making big plans to ensure that success. “My plans are to expand my farm next summer with a new barn once my tractor is paid off, and this should make me more profitable – even with the added expense.”

Thian is the product of two family business owners and realizes the challenges of being a young, growing family business, yet he maintains his optimism. “Small businesses take a lot of hard work and can be quite difficult at first, but remember – you are growing a future for your children,” says Thian. “Working for yourself is very rewarding and I am proud to be a young business owner.”

Thian will be recognized at this year’s Awards Luncheon with our Young Entrepreneur Award.

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