Where are they now? Ali Tregunno

In collaboration with RBC Bank, Family Business Atlantic offers flourishing, young adults the opportunity to receive financial aid towards their post-secondary studies through the John Abbass Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund. We take pride in our contribution to the future leaders of our community and look forward to seeing where their education and family business takes them.

John Abbass Sr. Scholarship recipient: Ali Tregunno

Ali Tregunno, born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was the first-ever student to receive our John Abbass Sr. Scholarship in 2008. Ali attended the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, where she studied recreation sport management. “I was going into my final year of university and it was a huge confidence boost to have the honor of receiving this scholarship,” says Ali.

Family business has always been a major focus for the Tregunno family. Halifax Seed Company celebrated their 150th anniversary in 2016, making Ali the 4th Generation to work for their family business.

She certainly has come a long way from her early years working for the company. Ali started off working retail, yard pick-up, seed pick-up and then moved into sales.

To gain additional job experience, Ali spent some time away from the company working in various jobs. “The best thing I did was work elsewhere before returning to the family business. The experience was huge for me and it made me really appreciate the opportunity that I could have.”

Ali returned to Halifax Seed’s sales department in 2010 and in 2014 she was offered an opportunity to be a branch manager of the Saint John location. “Being in a family business, all eyes are watching you and critiquing you. It’s extremely important to work alongside the staff and gain their respect to earn your positions,” says Ali. “I had to work my way to where I am today and luckily my father had the insight to know this was something we had to do.”

This past year has been a fantastic year for growth for Ali, with her and her sister purchasing 15 per cent of company shares through their uncle – a critical investment for the future.

Ali is excited for the new year, because it will mark another milestone for her and her Husband. In December, they will be welcoming their first child into the world – creating another generation to hopefully carry on the Halifax Seed dynasty.

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