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Kelly Nutritious Pet Foods

From Nova Scotia to New Brunswick, Kelly Nutritious Pet Foods is our newest Family Business Atlantic member. The Kelly family owns and operates Global Pet Foods New Brunswick, with six locations throughout Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton.

Jeff Kelly decided it was time to sell his independent audio-visual and cellular retail stores over six years ago, and bought into Global Pet Foods – a decision he hasn’t thought twice about. His two children, Alison and Kieran help manage the business and each bring their own perspective to the table.

Global Pet Foods offers healthy choices for pets and unique products, never sacrificing quality for quantity – providing excellent customer service is a priority for the family and their staff. The company shows their compassion for animals by working closely with local rescue groups and is heavily involved in helping with fundraising and raising awareness, along with sponsoring events and seminars to improve the lives of pets.

The Kelly’s do their best to make sure customers have more than just an in-store experience – you can continue learning what’s best for your pet through their online content. Their blog provides resources where pet owners can learn how to interpret and compare ingredient labels, view results of fundraising campaigns and read about specific behavioural issues they may be encountering.

When it comes to the care of your pet, the family believes it’s important that staff and their management team are continually educated on industry trends and leadership skills. Alison and Kieran recently graduated from our first educational course: human resource management, and they are looking forward to what other learning opportunities FBA brings their way.

Family Business Atlantic is happy to welcome the Kelly family to the association.

To learn more about Global Pet Foods NB., visit their website http://globalpetfoodsnb.ca or stop into any one of their six retail locations.

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