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Faisal Khatib, an entrepreneur who shows no sign of slowing down, founded ByDesign Management & Investment just five years ago and with 75 employees under his belt, the future is looking bright!

ByDesign is currently involved in landscaping investments: Teak Tree Enterprises and Seascape Building Maintenance Inc., along with commercial and retail properties. They also offer general investment management services for clients, specifically in the health & dental industries. Their most recent investments include Bishops Landing Dental Center, Apple Blossom Dental and Ocean Stone Dental, all of which were recently sold.

Faisal is very proud of his recent successes and claims he wouldn’t be where he is, if not for his strong work ethic and of course, the support of his family.

“My parents worked hard to support my brothers and I through our post-secondary pursuits, and so did we,” says Faisal. “The middle-eastern culture prides themselves on hard-working values. All we know is education or work,” he explains.

Along with his two brothers, Faisal emigrated from his home country of Jordan in hopes of creating a better life for themselves and their family. At the age of 19, Faisal arrived in Halifax and enrolled as an international student at Saint Mary’s University where he obtained his Bachelor of Business, all while working multiple jobs to pay the bills.

“I remember some of my friends were planning a trip down south, but all I wanted to do was stay here and work,” says Faisal.

Both Faisal’s brothers ventured into the medical field to become oral and plastic surgeons – one in New Brunswick and the other in the UK, – but Faisal opted to pursue another route.

“I saw the amount of debt they were in and decided that wasn’t for me, and ironically, I went on to purchase and sell three dental offices,” says Faisal.

Over the years, Faisal has worked in various sales positions within different companies and countries. He’s traveled to Kuwait, where he met his wife, Nadine, and they moved to California for a short time. Ultimately, they decided the east coast of Canada was the best place to settle in and grow a business.

Just as his company was beginning to prosper, Faisal developed some challenging health issues, which forced him to take a step back and focus on physical well-being, his family and his business. After a period of time, he was ready to begin taking on more investments and further his career.

Faisal and his business partners Jon, Tim, and Nic Hackett started Berkshire Property Maintenance in 2016 and began to scale up the company right away. They were advised early on to start acquiring existing companies with a good reputation for consideration for large contract bids – so that’s what they did.

Faisal acquired Teak Tree Enterprise, a landscaping and snow removal company and Seascape Building Maintenance, a commercial cleaning company, and was able to take on larger contract opportunities and allow for growth and expansion. He recently purchased land in Lucasville to set up shop and is in the process of relocating his assets.

Today, he and his brothers have reached a stage where they can comfortably support and grow their own families and support their mother and father in Canada. Faisal and Nadine have two children, a five-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son. His parents live with his brother in New Brunswick and visit Nova Scotia often. Extended family is integral to their culture and Faisal looks forward to his parent’s visits.

His entrepreneurial spirit shines and he’s excited about joining a peer group with Family Business Atlantic.

“I’ve proven to myself what I can do and it’s time for me to share my experiences with others,” says Faisal. “Canada has provided me with so much – land, vehicles, health care and a home to start a family. It’s time for me to give back,” he says.

We are thrilled to have Faisal among our membership and welcome him and his family to the Association!

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