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Whether your business directly employs family members or receives their financial or emotional support, we exist to help you thrive through our peer groups, networking events and educational resources.

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Join a peer group with other people who are part of a family business and have confidential discussions in a trusting & inviting environment.

Peer Groups

As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to join a peer group. You’ll learn from other members and work on your business opportunities and challenges in a confidential, trusting and inviting environment.

Your group will act like a mini board of directors, supporting and guiding you in all aspects of your family business. You’ll gain valuable insight from others who have had similar experiences, and leverage the perspectives of other family businesses, industries and generations.

Connect with advisors in industries such as banking, legal, insurance and marketing that understand the unique challenges of my family business. 


Advisors provide value to Family Business Atlantic through sharing advice and guidance for family businesses and entrepreneurs. Our supportive network of trusted advisors is diverse and helps guide companies to grow, remain competitive and stay prosperous. They have a professional interest in the unique challenges family enterprises face and understand the need to address these issues in confidential and professional forums.

Attend education events in areas that are relevant to my family business.

Networking Events And Educational Resources

We host a wide variety of networking events throughout the year, including signature events like our Peter Wilson Dinner and Family Business Awards Luncheon.

FBA members receive significant discounts to our events and have the opportunity to take complimentary educational courses. Our programming features guest speakers and workshop leaders – experts in fields that matter to you, your employees, your family and your business.

Family businesses are encouraged to take advantage of our spring offer.​​

This year marks FBA’s 25th anniversary. Since its inaugural dinner held in 1997, FBA, formerly CAFE Nova Scotia, has been recognizing and supporting the accomplishments of family businesses in our region. We help those who work in a family business environment with our educational programs, our peer group offerings, and by connecting and sharing with other families and advisors.

To mark this memorable occasion we are committed to reaching out to support even more family businesses in our region. We will be connecting with even more family businesses to enrich our current peer groups and establish more groups.

This year we will be celebrating our Peter Wilson Dinner in a gala format and will be offering more interactive events that will help us connect, share, and entertain!


FBA organizes our members into peer groups. This is your unique opportunity to learn from each other, to work on your family business opportunities & challenges and to have the security of confidential discussions in a trusting and inviting environment. We also support our members with educational sessions, access to advisors and networking opportunities.

As a family member, you’ll have the opportunity to join a peer group.

You’ll learn from other members and work on your business opportunities and challenges in a confidential, trusting and inviting environment. Your group will act like a mini board of directors, supporting and guiding you in all aspects of your family business. You’ll gain valuable insight from others who have had similar experiences, and leverage the perspectives of other family businesses, industries and generations.

Our family business community spans all sectors and sizes across the region. These businesses are either owned, funded or supported by family members. Whether a business directly employs family members or receives their financial or emotional support, we exist to connect them and drive their economic prosperity.

The Family Member membership is a family business looking to connect with, learn from, and share with like-minded people who understand the experiences unique to running a family business. We welcome family businesses of all sizes and industry types. Membership benefits extend to all family members and your membership fee provides you with special rates for events along with the opportunity to join an Advisory Team at no extra cost.

A “Family Business” is defined as a business that has one of the following characteristics:

  1. Has been owned and operated by different generations of a family;
  2. Where the potential exists for ownership to be passed on to another family member;
  3. More than one member of a family has active employment in an organization owned by a family; and/or
  4. A family which has in the past or is presently operating a business.

We provide regular opportunities to connect with other families and advisors. We host tailored online programs addressing critical business issues.

We also run an annual golf tournament, an awards luncheon and our signature event: the Peter Wilson Dinner*.

*Our offerings have been limited by Covid-19, please stay tuned to our newsletter and social media channels for details. 

The global pandemic has offered us the opportunity to connect and share more frequently and in an online format.

We launched our COVID Webinar series in the Spring of 2020. This series is still running and offers current information on government relief programs and put subject matter experts in front of our members and guests

While we were able to gather safely for some of our key events in the fall of 2020, much of our connections have been virtual.

Our peer groups continue to meet monthly.  Our support to our members remains strong and we will continue to offer support as we all continue to live through these challenging times.

FBA family membership is $500+ HST annually for your entire organization. We offer members an annual or monthly payment plan. FBA Advisor membership is also $500 + HST annually. All memberships run during our fiscal year, September 1st – August 31st.

Family Business Resources​

Family Businesses in Atlantic Canada

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