Leveraging Technology to Engage and Improve Customer Satisfaction

September 18, 2019 8:00 am - September 18, 2019 9:30 am

99 Wyse Road, Suite 600
Dartmouth, NS


The new age of Commerce and Technology is disrupting the way family businesses are doing business, where we are faced with a new wave of issues and challenges. The main concerns of family businesses in this new disruptive phase are innovation, manpower (resources) and the digital economy.  Overcoming these challenges is not impossible.

Join us in this breakfast session to get new ideas and see how small changes could be implemented in a fast manner without interrupting your day to day business. Let’s discuss how you can engage better with your new customers and how to cope with a more competitive environment in Nova Scotia.

We’ll share some information about a few digital solutions to improve your customer engagement as a teaser to our upcoming nine-week course on the topic starting October 2, 2019.

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Discussion topics:

  1. Who is our customer in 2019 (Understanding our market)
  2. The digital Strategy
  3. Customer Engagement – Live Chat
  4. Customer Engagement – Digital Promo
  5. Customer Engagement – Mailchimp (email engagement)
  6. Customer Engagement – Survey Monkey (surveying tools)
  7. Digital Innovation – Blockchain
  8. Next Steps – Sign up for our free, nine week course to learn more

Let’s win the customer, let’s win the market!

Our Presenter:

Marc Zirka, Strategy Up

An experienced strategist and entrepreneur in the technology industry, Marc established his own consulting firm Telcovision Group in 2014 and founded Telcovision Group LTD (Strategy Up) in Canada. He’s currently running his business from Halifax, advising and assisting Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and startup companies to become even more successful.

Marc is an expert in Corporate Strategy, Commercial Operations, Marketing & Sales Strategy coupled with a solid understanding of Corporate Finance and Strategic Investment.

Prior to running his own business, Marc assumed several executive roles, sitting on management boards and committees of different companies in several parts of the world. To name a few, Marc worked with France Telecom, KPMG, Digicel and Cable & Wireless.

Marc has 21 years of experience where he started his career in Lebanon, then moved to Sub-Sahara Africa where he managed the operations in more than 6 countries, then to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, The Caribbean, and finally to Central Asia before deciding to settle in Canada.

As the founder of Strategy Up he is now assisting his clients by providing consulting services in Strategic Planning, Corporate and Commercial Strategy within the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) industry.  Moreover, Marc is offering through his company a series of training programs in Leadership, Communication and Strategic & Succession Planning.

Through Strategy Up, Marc is trying to build digital solutions to help Small and Medium Enterprises improve their operational efficiency through technology. In this respect, Strategy Up launched in Canada a Digital Coupon solution to help every business engage with its customer base in a new and more interactive way.

Marc holds an MBA from Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (ESA – Beirut) and ESCP-EAP (Paris), a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the Lebanese American University. However, this doesn’t satisfy Marc’s ambition to keep on nurturing his knowledge. He is continuously complementing his degrees by attending executive education courses at Harvard Business School and HEC.

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