Dennis Campbell Takes on Honourary Chair Role for Family Business Atlantic

Dennis Campbell Takes on Honourary Chair Role for Family Business Atlantic

April 20, 2023


Family Business Atlantic (FBA) is pleased to appoint Dennis Campbell, CEO of Ambassatours, as its first Honourary Chair. In this role as Honourary Chair, Dennis will serve as a respected representative for FBA, helping to promote the organization with both its fundraising and marketing efforts, membership engagement as well as helping to raise the organization’s profile.

“I was incredibly honoured to have been asked to take on this inaugural role,” said Dennis. “I have been a long-time supporter of the organization having shared my family business experiences throughout the pandemic through FBA webinars, and again in 2021 at their guest speaker at their signature fundraising event – the Peter Wilson Dinner. I am committed to helping spread the benefit and the impact that being a member of FBA can bring to a family business.”

Dennis is no stranger to the challenges family businesses face. He founded Ambassatours in 1987 and has since built a solid reputation for excellent customer service, taking both visitors to the city, and those living here, to historical and tourist locations around the region.  “Like so many tourism and hospitality based companies, we saw a huge decline in revenues due to the pandemic and again when hurricane Fiona hit,” he says.  “Family businesses are renowned for their resilience and their ability to innovate – and our staff, and my family personally, made a lot of changes in the past three years.”  Dennis’ wife Kellie recently retired and now works with him, and their two children have expressed interest in returning to the province at some point to join the company.

FBA President, Mark Peapell, says, “Dennis is the perfect person to take on the Honourary Chair role for FBA and we will be working with him to expand our business network and to connect with our key stakeholders – potential donors, supporters and other family businesses.” He adds, “I have confidence that Dennis’ reputation will help us share and broaden our mission which helps increase our region’s economic footprint through the support we provide to family enterprises.”

Family Business Atlantic extends its support to the growth and development of companies by offering confidential peer group forums that meet regularly to discuss the unique issues only those working with family members encounter.  FBA has a strong pool of advisors that work with the Association to put on relevant programming and offer advice and support to peer groups.  Through this connection and having opportunities to share with other family business owners, FBA is committed to creating safe spaces to engage in family – and business – conversations.

For More Information Contact:
Mark Peapell
President, Family Business Atlantic
Michelle LaVigne
Executive Director, Family Business Atlantic

Family Business Atlantic is a non-profit, membership-driven organization supporting business growth in Atlantic Canada. Our focus is supporting the fabric of the regional economy – families in business. Whether a business directly employs family members or receives their financial or emotional support, we exist to help them thrive through peer-to-peer groups, networking events and educational resources. For more information on how to become part of the FBA family, visit

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