Congrats HR Graduates


Family Business Atlantic celebrated member success with the graduates of our first educational course offered through Nova Scotia’s Department of Labour and Advanced Education, hosted by Grant Thornton in Halifax.

“These free, 40-hour courses designed by the folks at LAE offer an opportunity to continue education at no cost, a huge value-add for our members,” says Alan Streatch, President of Family Business Atlantic.

During the human resource management course, various modules were covered during class-time and participants were always prepared to engage in discussion and do their homework. The classroom environment sparked many great conversations surrounding employee rewards, performance evaluations and staying accountable.

“I found that being in a room together and sharing different HR stories really gave me a new perspective,” says Randy Milne, HR Manager at North East Protection Services. “It’s comforting to know that everyone in the room with you is experiencing similar problems, even within different industries.”

Investing in your leadership team and encouraging them to take on professional development is crucial for the success of your business, and the growth of your employees. It’s important to stay motivated and keep up-to-date on current trends, but it can often be difficult to find the resources and time needed.

“Sometimes, you feel alone in how you do things and are unsure of how to go about making changes, but knowing how others go through the process allows for new ideas to blossom and suddenly, you don’t feel alone anymore,” says Nicki Prinsenberg, HR Coordinator with Farnell Packaging.

This nine-week course inspired our members and provided them with a network of resources for the future. Our graduates still left with some homework, though – to stay connected and check-in with each other during the next month to ensure they are continuing to further their leadership skills.

“Sometimes people can be apprehensive about the time commitment of PD,” says Streatch, “Thankfully our graduates took the initiative and were able to allocate their time to really see the value in this course, and in themselves.”

Family Business Atlantic is looking forward to our next course scheduled to begin in January: communications and leadership. Learn more here.


A huge thank-you goes out to Grant Thornton for hosting our students throughout their course and supplying them with a delicious breakfast – every class!

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