Barb Stegemann, founder of 7 Virtues Perfume and husband, Mike Velemirovich inspire dinner guests

Mike Velemirovich and his wife and business partner, Barb Stegemann shared their inspiring business story with Family Business Atlantic dinner guests last week. They said that they have always followed three simple business practices: “Follow what you know is right, stay the course and follow your instincts.”

They spoke about not only their business challenges and successes, but noted that Nova Scotia’s future economic prosperity is dependent upon cultural diversity and having more business people running for office. “We need to work together to get loaves and fishes and have all three levels of government, not-for-profits and for-profit companies doing the same.” said Stegemann. “If we do this, Nova Scotia will go from worst to first. We need to end the scarcity mentality.”

It was an hour of powerful discussion with many questions posed to Barb and Mike from dinner guests.  We thank these inspiring entrepreneurs for being with us and our appreciation is also extended to Dr. Bob Blunden who effortlessly facilitated the conversation. It was another special evening – all in celebration of the family and business.


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