Family Business – well positioned for growth!

I would like to thank the Board and the membership for this opportunity to serve as President for the next two years and for your confidence in my ability to assume this role. I definitely have big shoes to fill! Johnny has done such as wonderful job performing his role as president and making sure Family Business Atlantic continues to thrive and grow, and Alan Streatch’s dedication and love for this organization does not go unnoticed. I thank you both and Michelle for encouraging me to grow in this organization right from start of my membership. But, Johnny you’re not off the hook yet –  I’ll be looking up to you for your support and expertise in this changing of hands.

Nine years ago, I joined Family Business Atlantic and I remember the day when Michelle LaVigne and Kelly Adams joined my father and I in Cresco’s boardroom. We walked in not knowing anything about the Association and, having just joined our family business for a year, I was unsure as to why we should join. After hearing Michelle and Kelly talk about the peer group experience and the programs & networking offered, I realized there were so many benefits to belonging to this organization. I remember being so excited because I knew being a part of this circle was going to be key to succeeding in my family business. Over the years, I’ve sat on many boards and have been a part of many associations, but this one is closest to my heart for so many reasons:

  • Our programming has helped me grow into the business woman I am today.
  • Our networking opportunities have connected me with many influential people– one of whom is Margaret Humphreys, and who is now our family’s business advisor.
  • My Peer Group experience has allowed me to learn and reflect through the lens of others and offers different perspectives – which I did not have prior to this.

All to say that I am proud to be an advocate for this Association and am ready to give back to Family Business Atlantic, as it has given so much to me and my family.

Over the past few years, I have sat on three of our committees: the Membership Committee, Programming Committee and the Peter Wilson Dinner committee. These experiences have provided me an understanding of our organization. And YES – I have gotten used to my email inbox being more FBA related than real estate related!

I say this because the next year is going to be big for us. Now that we have a brand refresh, and have applied for a Trademark (a huge thanks to Christene Hirschfeld and her team at BOYNECLARKE LLP for this) we will be spending a lot of effort and time this year on executing our strategic plan. We are fortunate to have a clear road map with goals and objectives –  but they are not going to happen in isolation. It’s important to ensure our committees are full and fresh.

I look forward to working with André Boudreau to expand our outreach and our collaboration with organizations like the BDC, and to working with David Osborne as we make plans to move into New Brunswick over the next three years. I am excited to work with Margie Humphreys and her committee as we plan for, what could be, the most well attended Peter Wilson Dinner to date with the Shaw Group leaders, Allan Shaw and non-family CEO Dean Robertson in May 2020. And of course, I’m looking forward to working with our Executive Director, Michelle and Sarah, who offer so much for FBA.

I want to acknowledge and thank our outgoing Directors, Leanne Salyzyn and Robert Carr for the time and support they have given to FBA, and again, huge thanks to Alan Streatch for his leadership. I welcome Steven Bates and April MacLeod to the Board – I know you’re going to be huge assets! I am very excited about this calendar year – we have a great Board and great momentum, so let Family Business Atlantic thrive and shine!


Amanée Mousavi

FBA President