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It gives me great pleasure to extend a huge warm welcome to the Family Business Association from Saskatoon. By joining with us and Vancouver Island, you are helping to expand our brand and enhance our ability to provide more valuable assistance to family business. We look forward to working with you!

Spring is here and hopefully, the lovely weather will follow. At Family Business Atlantic, we have a number of wonderful events scheduled to brighten your spring season. The lineup begins on May 9th with our exceptional Peter Wilson Dinner which is always both entertaining and educational. This year, we are honoured to have Tim Moore as our Guest Speaker.

On May 16th, we are pleased to offer a session on Human Resources, followed by an informative talk on the Law and your Family Business on June 18th. Please let all of your family members know of these upcoming events so that they can take advantage of all that Family Business Atlantic has to offer.

We are the only Not for Profit Family Business organization in Atlantic Canada and are very happy to serve our region. Our incredible program is strongly supported by our network of expert advisors, who are part of our fine organization.  We have the most talented group of people who we can reach out to for any type of assistance right at our fingertips.

Our membership is strong and many are benefiting from our Peer to Peer groups which give members the opportunity to share ideas, concerns and successes within a highly confidential setting. I have been a member of Family Business Atlantic for over 20 years and a member of a Peer to Peer group for the same amount of time.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about the assistance this group has provided to me and my family business during those many years.

In closing, I would strongly encourage our members to take full advantage of all of the extremely helpful resources Family Business Atlantic has to offer and invite those of you who are not members, to give us a very close look and considering joining.

Thank you and regards,

John Abbass, President

John Abbass


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