Family Business Association - Vancouver Island 

Your business family.

We are an enjoyable and engaging organization filled with knowledgeable family businesses and advisors to family businesses. We focus on providing timely educational events and advisory teams to help contribute to the success of family businesses and we welcome members of all sizes and industry types.

Family Business Association - Saskatoon

The Family Business Association Saskatoon (FBAS) is a not-for-profit organization established in 1999 with the mandate to promote the well-being, understanding and success of families in business. FBAS provides services, resources and support to those involved in family enterprise, including both extended business families and the advisors that counsel them.

Mission: To promote the sustainability and growth of  business families by providing education and support through community and shared experience.

Vision: We are an engaged and supportive community of vibrant business families and advisors who connect, share ideas and learn from each others' unique experiences.


Dalhousie Centre for Family Business and Regional Prosperity

The Centre for Family Business and Regional Prosperity is dedicated to the support and promotion of family businesses and their extraordinary contribution to the economy of Atlantic Canada.

We deliver professional development tailored specifically to the needs of family businesses combined with unique opportunities to network and learn with fellow business families from across the region. Working collaboratively with our partner organizations across the Atlantic Provinces, the Centre for Family Business and Regional Prosperity offers:

  • A resource centre for family businesses to access the skill sets and resources required for facilitating or enhancing family forums or family advisory boards;
  • An academic teaching program at Dalhousie University offering a family business related course in the Bachel.


Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education

The Department of LAE works to provide fairness, safety and prosperity for all Nova Scotians by helping them live, learn and work to their highest potential. Educational opportunities are now offered to all members of Family Business Atlantic through the Workplace Education Initiative. Courses take place each week and are available for a maximum of 12 participants, with content ranging from social media, communications to human resources.

Workplace Education programs are partnerships between employers, employees and government based on building workplace expertise, promoting understanding, best practice and cost effectiveness for the workplace. Courses offer a variety of benefits to both employees and employers, such as increasing productivity, improving confidence and morale, reducing turnover and creating a culture of learning.


Community Foundation of Nova Scotia

The Community Foundation of Nova Scotia is an action centre for philanthropy. They provide the knowledge and support for communities, charities, and citizens to realize their individual potential and collective possibilities. The foundation's mission is to build strong, vibrant and diverse communities throughout Nova Scotia by enabling and inspiring effective philanthropy. This strategic partnership supports our annual John Abbass Sr. Memorial Scholarship - helping students of families in business succeed in their post-secondary education pursuits. 


Halifax Chamber of Commerce

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce is a best-practice, business advocacy organization that continuously strives to make Halifax an even more attractive city in which to live, work and play.

Together, the approximately 1,600 member businesses and their over 65,000 employees, act as a single powerful voice through the Chamber to promote local business interests. The volunteer board of directors and chamber staff undertake initiatives by request of, and on behalf of our diverse membership.

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce is recognized as the first Chamber established in North America and is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 international quality standard, the first Chamber in North America to receive this accreditation.


Better Business Bureau Atlantic Canada

BBB helps people find and recommend businesses, brands, and charities they can trust. For over 100 years, BBB has helped people make smarter decisions and is evolving to meet fast changing marketplace needs.

  • BBB sets standards for ethical business behavior and monitors compliance. Almost 400,000 Accredited Businesses meet and commit to our high standards.
  • BBB helps consumers identify trustworthy businesses, and those that aren’t, through more than 4 million BBB Business Reviews.
  • BBB sets standards for and evaluates thousands of advertisements each year to ensure that people can trust what advertisers say.
  • BBB sets standards for and evaluates the practices of thousands of charities so that donors know where their money is going.
  • BBB coaches businesses on ethical behavior and how to build stronger, more trusting relationships with their customers.
  • BBB offers its national and local consumer services online and in person. Through our efforts, BBB helps millions of people each year.

The Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) is the network hub for BBBs in the US and Canada. Like BBBs, CBBB is dedicated to fostering honest and responsive relationships between businesses and consumers - instilling consumer confidence and advancing a trustworthy marketplace for all.


Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre

The Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre has been helping entrepreneurs and businesses in the Annapolis Valley and on the South Shore for more than 28 years. AEC provides Counselling, Consulting, & Facilitation services for small and medium sized businesses, government, non-profit organization and social enterprises. The centre values working in partnership, and in support of organizations, to continue to strengthen the available resources and programs available to Nova Scotian entrepreneurs.  


Here's a list of other organizations helping business succeed in our region.

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Melissa Brenton, Don Brenton Fire Protection
“I think people would get the most out of Family Business Atlantic by joining a peer to peer group”
Fraser Moir, Halifax Seed
“It's a really great environment to bounce different ideas, problems of other people. The objective isn't to give advice so much but perhaps to gain perspective and guidance from other people, as to how well they might handle a certain situation.”
Chris Rideout, Rideout Tool and Machine
“People go to peer to peer groups, I think for different reasons sometimes. For me its that ability to express myself without being judged”
Melissa Brenton, Don Brenton Fire Protection
“I look to my peer to peer groups as trusted advisors. I go to them for advice on both issues that I have in my personal life and in/ or business”
Emily Tregunno, Halifax Seed
“When you get to leave a peer to peer group, I feel like I’m where I need to be when it comes to family business. I feel more relaxed, I feel like I am supported, I feel like whatever stress I had during the run of the day. It kinda makes me feel centered again”
Emily Tregunno, Halifax Seed
“Every family business has very unique challenges but yet they are all the same, so its really a support system of people that know what you’re going through”
Fiona Diamond, Brookes Diamond Productions
I am so inspired and motivated by this group of individuals who come from widely different business backgrounds and life experiences. We share so much in common and support each other in so many ways.
Mary-Ellen O’Regan, O’Regans Automotive Group
As a member of a Peer to Peer group we talk about business issues that are unique to family-run enterprise. Yes, it is an investment of time, but it is one that has become invaluable to me.
Gina McFetridge, CAIB, Archway Insurance
The support and advice both given and received by family businesses involved in Family Business Atlantic is invaluable. Family business supporting the growth and development of family business.