Message From the President

Connecting families with success.

Since we last had a chance to connect, many of you took the opportunity to gather and enjoy our Awards Luncheon and Peter Wilson Dinner earlier this spring. At the luncheon, we not only celebrated the growth and success of Minuteman Press and the Maheux family, but also that of Northeastern Protection Services and the Joseph family.

Our newest award, young entrepreneur of the year, was presented to 19-year-old, Thian Carman of Meadow’s Brothers’ Farms and the crowd remained spellbound as each recipient’s story was told. The Peter Wilson Dinner was another great success this year with George Bishop and three family members sharing their story. For those who attended these celebratory events, I congratulate you for taking the time to do so.

Since the beginning of time, people from all walks of life have learned something and grown both intellectually and socially by listening to stories. Not only are these events an opportunity to grow personally and professionally, but also to do a little networking, see friends you haven’t seen in a while or create develop new relationships. Stay tuned for more events that you, your family and management team could attend. We know there are many families in business in our region that would benefit from what our association has to offer - help us connect to them.

Membership growth in the association remains a major goal; we have seen approximately 9% growth in the last eight months and this brings with it, new energy and ideas that help stimulate progressive thinking. If you have been following us on online, are active with committee work or regularly attend functions, you’re aware of the many value offerings the association brings to the membership.

Just recently, your Board of Directors received a report from Kensington & Associates, a consulting firm based out of New Brunswick, outlining a strategy for our upcoming expansion into the province. Laurie Bourque analyzed the family business marketplace in and around the Moncton geographic location and he brought exciting and tangible research to the board. His deliverables were to supply names and recommendations, which would assist us to nurture a local start-up branch of Family Business Atlantic.

We expect to develop a group of 14 - 20 family and advisor members in the area over the next six months who embrace the values, mission, purpose and promise of our association; a recently developed steering committee and our committed Board continue to plan for this new growth. Assistance from ACOA has provided us with an opportunity to produce three short videos, soon to roll out into the market, to spread to message about Family Business Atlantic. Soon, we’ll have a fine-tuned Peer Manual and francophone translations of all materials and our website – everything needed to assist in our expansion to New Brunswick.

If you, as an interested reader, know of family businesses spanning Moncton, Dieppe, Riverview, Shediac and beyond, please pass along our info or provide Michelle, our Executive Director, with ways to get in touch.

The leadership team of Family Business Atlantic is excited about the momentum being experienced in membership growth, with just shy of 110 members. The foundation for the association is strong and the next year will be exciting for all of those engaged.

Respectfully yours
Alan Streatch
President, Family Business Atlantic
P: (902) 384-2090 / E:  

Alan Streatch

Family Business Atlantic

Melissa Brenton, Don Brenton Fire Protection
“I think people would get the most out of Family Business Atlantic by joining a peer to peer group”
Fraser Moir, Halifax Seed
“It's a really great environment to bounce different ideas, problems of other people. The objective isn't to give advice so much but perhaps to gain perspective and guidance from other people, as to how well they might handle a certain situation.”
Chris Rideout, Rideout Tool and Machine
“People go to peer to peer groups, I think for different reasons sometimes. For me its that ability to express myself without being judged”
Melissa Brenton, Don Brenton Fire Protection
“I look to my peer to peer groups as trusted advisors. I go to them for advice on both issues that I have in my personal life and in/ or business”
Emily Tregunno, Halifax Seed
“When you get to leave a peer to peer group, I feel like I’m where I need to be when it comes to family business. I feel more relaxed, I feel like I am supported, I feel like whatever stress I had during the run of the day. It kinda makes me feel centered again”
Emily Tregunno, Halifax Seed
“Every family business has very unique challenges but yet they are all the same, so its really a support system of people that know what you’re going through”
Fiona Diamond, Brookes Diamond Productions
I am so inspired and motivated by this group of individuals who come from widely different business backgrounds and life experiences. We share so much in common and support each other in so many ways.
Mary-Ellen O’Regan, O’Regans Automotive Group
As a member of a Peer to Peer group we talk about business issues that are unique to family-run enterprise. Yes, it is an investment of time, but it is one that has become invaluable to me.
Gina McFetridge, CAIB, Archway Insurance
The support and advice both given and received by family businesses involved in Family Business Atlantic is invaluable. Family business supporting the growth and development of family business.