Join a peer to peer group.

This is your unique opportunity to learn from each other, work on your family business opportunities and challenges and have the security of confidential discussions in a trusting and inviting environment.

What does a group look like?

Groups consist of 8-10 diverse Family Business Atlantic members. No two members of the same family business are placed in the same Peer to Peer Group and attention is paid generational demographics and competing industries.

The group is involved in structured, three-hour regular meetings where commitment is paramount to group success. Each group names a moderator from their membership and other tasks of the group are decided upon as needed. The members collaborate on what will work best for them in terms of meeting flow, content, presentations and group dynamics. Most importantly, they have the opportunity to bring their challenges to the table. Insight is gained by hearing from others who have had similar experiences.

One annual weekend retreat (reimbursed up to $1000) provides the opportunity for personal and professional development with team building. As a group, the members decide on the best ways for them to address their individual and mutual goals. Advisors are a valued resource for these groups and can join groups upon request to address issues that benefit members.

Log on to our member portal for a listing of advisor members.

Why join a group?

The groups serve as your own mini board of directors, supporting you in your challenges and opportunities as a family business. Members leverage the perspectives of other family businesses, industries and generations.

We encourage all family business member to join a Peer to Peer Group. This is their unique opportunity to learn from each other, to work on their family business is a special way and to have the security of confidential discussions in a trusting and inviting environment. Many members of family businesses feel alone and these groups end the isolation because those in the group understand that operating a family business brings its unique challenges.

The experiences from those who have been there on topics like working with the family, managing the business and succession are among the areas discussed.

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Melissa Brenton, Don Brenton Fire Protection
“I think people would get the most out of Family Business Atlantic by joining a peer to peer group”
Fraser Moir, Halifax Seed
“It's a really great environment to bounce different ideas, problems of other people. The objective isn't to give advice so much but perhaps to gain perspective and guidance from other people, as to how well they might handle a certain situation.”
Chris Rideout, Rideout Tool and Machine
“People go to peer to peer groups, I think for different reasons sometimes. For me its that ability to express myself without being judged”
Melissa Brenton, Don Brenton Fire Protection
“I look to my peer to peer groups as trusted advisors. I go to them for advice on both issues that I have in my personal life and in/ or business”
Emily Tregunno, Halifax Seed
“When you get to leave a peer to peer group, I feel like I’m where I need to be when it comes to family business. I feel more relaxed, I feel like I am supported, I feel like whatever stress I had during the run of the day. It kinda makes me feel centered again”
Emily Tregunno, Halifax Seed
“Every family business has very unique challenges but yet they are all the same, so its really a support system of people that know what you’re going through”
Fiona Diamond, Brookes Diamond Productions
I am so inspired and motivated by this group of individuals who come from widely different business backgrounds and life experiences. We share so much in common and support each other in so many ways.
Mary-Ellen O’Regan, O’Regans Automotive Group
As a member of a Peer to Peer group we talk about business issues that are unique to family-run enterprise. Yes, it is an investment of time, but it is one that has become invaluable to me.
Gina McFetridge, CAIB, Archway Insurance
The support and advice both given and received by family businesses involved in Family Business Atlantic is invaluable. Family business supporting the growth and development of family business.
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